Staging A Home Homes by Jacquie Perfectly Staged
and Designed
rises above the rest with high-quality staging that makes a proven,
measurable difference
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Homes by Jacquie Perfectly Staged
and Designed
Our staged homes represent an average increased selling price of
31.2% over not staging at all.
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Perfectly Staged and Designed


Homes by Jacquie

Why staging your home is important to you maximizing your profits…

Did you know most home buyers decide if they like your home within the first 7 seconds? That’s why it’s important to make the right first impression! In fact, Did you know, 94% of homes that are staged sell in one month or less? And spend 80% less time on the market!

Let us help you create that winning first impression. We custom create beautifully staged rooms to have your home sold quickly and with maximum profit.

More About Me

About Jacquie Wilson

Jacquie Wilson, the founder and owner of Homes By Jacquie, has that magic touch we all admire. She has a burning passion for real estate. Jacquie is inspired and driven by the real estate industry because of the intellectual and creative work that involves all her loves – people, architecture, and home styling and design. With her dedicated team, she has transformed hundreds of homes into stylish spaces that are ready to sell.

Real estate investors/flippers, realtors, and homeowners are impressed when they see her work which often turns an average-looking space into a stunning home. They are even more dazzled when her home staging skills turn into a quick sale that fetches a high price.


What Our Clients Say

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