4 Easy Do’s and Don’ts of Home Staging

Messy Bedroom

Once you decide to sell your home, you need to find the right balance between personal and impersonal décor. Staging your home for the real estate market can be difficult sometimes. There is so much information on the internet on what to do and what not to do. Here are a few simple suggestions on how you should stage your home to sell.

#1 – Don’t make it too personal!

A potential buyer should see themselves in your home – they should picture their furniture and personal items. We know that you love the collage of family photos in the hallway and the display of your children’s artwork on the refrigerator, but it may be a better idea to pack some of those personal mementos away. You can bring them back out when you move to your new home.


#2 –   No “theme” rooms!

Do you have a room in your home that you have themed from your favorite movie or sports team? While it was fun to decorate and spend time in, when you are selling your home … it may be the only room that a potential buyer will remember. And just like Fixer Upper and Chip’s fond names for the houses that they show, your home will become the “Star Wars” bathroom home. The focus should be on the positive features of your space such as the beautiful cabinets in the kitchen, the natural hardwood floors or the gigantic walk-in shower. That is what you want potential homebuyers to think of.

#3 –  Paint color fiasco!

Choosing the wrong paint color can also determine what your potential buyer will remember about your home. You want to make sure that anyone who views your home will feel like the home is move-in ready! NOT … oh no, I will need to re-paint that living room or it will clash with our furniture! By using a neutral palette when you paint, you can appeal to more buyers AND you can still add the color you want through artwork or accessories.

#4 – Do not forget the clutter!

Most people who are selling their home, live in the home until it is sold. It is quite easy to overlook things that clutter up your living space. There will be potential buyers who do not have kids, and your home needs to appeal to them, too! Decluttering your child’s bedroom, removing toys from the living room – as well as making sure that your storage areas are organized – will definitely benefit you in the long run. When a buyer walks through your home, you do not want them distracted with all the items in the home, but instead focused on all the features of the space.

If you will not be living in your home while trying to sell it and it is going to be vacant, you should consider staging the home. A vacant home can be the hardest house to sell. By using furnishings and accessories that reflect the asking price of the home, Professional Home Staging and Design New Jersey can showcase your property to its fullest potential. We will dramatically change the feel of the home by creating a warm, welcoming feeling to the prospective buyer from our warehouse of furniture.

Until next time, Happy Staging!

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